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Lately I’ve been reviewing a lot of high-end luxury toilets and I thought it was about time I reviewed a toilet that was really efficient, looked good but was also pretty affordable. This reminded me of the toilet I installed a few months ago called the American Standard H2optimum  elongated toilet. This toilet is very classy looking with a slim design tank, it does not cost an incredible amount, and it flushes well while being extremely efficient. Let’s take a look at this toilet and see if it might be the right one for you.

The H2optimum toilet has so many things going for it that I’m surprised it isn’t on the list of best toilets ever made. This particular model is an elongated bowl for comfort, it only uses 1.1 gallons per flush, and it just looks fantastic. When I look back over the years at the toilets I’ve installed it really meets most of the requirements that anybody could have been a toilet so let’s get into the features of this toilet and then we’ll finish up by, talking about who I think this toilet would work for in a real-life setting.


American Standard H2Optimum


– elongated siphon action bowl with direct fed jet. What this means is that although the bowl is elongated for better comfort there is a jet in the bottom and a jet in the top of the toilet bowl that cleans the bowl very well while also pushing and pulling the waste down through the trap under the toilet give you an excellent flush.

– EPA water sense certified. This toilet meets or exceeds all the criteria set out by the EPA’s water sense program making sure that you are using as little water as possible while still getting a great flush.

– Ever clean antimicrobial surface. What this means is that there is an antimicrobial substance right in the China that causes this toilet to naturally repel bacteria and such that might cause harm to humans.

– Power wash rim Scripture bowl with each flush ensuring a nice clean toilet each and every time.

– Right height toilet. This is American Standard’s designation for a toilet bowl that is slightly higher than normal making it easier for handicapped, elderly or injured people to use the toilet.

– UHET: this means ultrahigh efficiency toilet which designates that this toilet only uses 1.1 gallons per flush which is better than the EPA water sense certification.

– M AP premium listed toilet. This means that order according to the maximum performance toilet testing this toilet will flush 600 g of waste material per flush which is 70% better than the requirement that fulfills the EPA water sense certification!



So what do all these features mean? Well they mean different things to the plumber or to the homeowner but when you get down to brass tacks it all amounts to the same thing! This toilet is as efficient a toilet as they make on the market today! It installs very easily thanks to the engineering done by American Standard so the plumber is very happy. And in the end this toilet flushes as much solid waste as most toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush or 1.28 gallons per flush! It doesn’t get much better than that and trust me this toilet for the money is one of the best toilets I have ever installed.

As always I do give a star rating when I review a toilet, and it is usually based on a combination of my insight is having install the toilet and the customer reviews on Today is no different as I have installed this particular toilet and there are some good reviews on It is rated as of five start toilet on Amazon with two great reviews, and I have no doubt since I have installed it myself that these reviews are correct so I’m going to agree with the average Amazon customer and give this toilet a five star rating. As always I will put a link at the bottom of the page that you can paste into your browser which will take you right to the Amazon page for this product where you can look at it re-the reviews and if you want to you can purchase it through that link. Thank you again for reading my reviews and I hope that you come back and read more when you need another toilet!

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