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The Toto Carlyle 2 High Efficiency One Piece Skirted Toilet is Sleek, Modern and Flushes Like a Dream!

The Toto Carlyle 2 High Efficiency One Piece Skirted Toilet is Sleek, Modern and Flushes Like a Dream!


I had the opportunity to install a really unique toilet the other day. This was the Toto Carlisle to one piece high-efficiency toilet. This is a one piece toilet that not only looks unique but actually has a few features that make it unique in the marketplace. It is definitely a toilet for a customer who can afford the best but also wants to get a good value for their dollar. It’s very sleek, very modern and yet sculpted at the same time. The toilet runs about five to $600 depending on where you buy it so it’s not one of Toto’s electric toilets or some nonsense with the bidet function and it, it doesn’t cost $5000, however it is an investment in quality that is not cheap. Let’s look at what makes this toilet unique.


Toto Carlyle 2 One Piece Skirted Toilet




This is the successor to Toto Sanigloss coating on their ceramic bowls. It is a ceramic glazing technique that makes their China bowls extremely smooth keeping the bowl cleaner longer.

Tornado flush flushing system:

What Toto has done is send water to two jets one on each side of the bowl as well as to all the way around the rim of the toilet. What this does is create a very quick flushing cyclonic type water movement in the bowl that drops the water very quickly but in the process cleans out the bowl to a sparkling shine!


Universal height:

This is Toto’s name for a comfort height or chair height toilet, which makes it easier to sit down and stand up from the toilet which is especially helpful for older or injured consumers.

Water conservation:

This toilet only uses 1.28 gallons per flush which is less than the standard 1.6 gallons per flush in the industry and it meets the water sense guidelines set out by the EPA. This saves you money and you use less water which is good for everybody!

Stylish design:

This toilet is very stylish in that it is skirted meaning you don’t see the bolts and nuts and everything that holds it to the floor, it’s very sleek it is also elongated and includes a soft close seat.

Unit fit rough in kit:

This skirted toilet has a kit that bolts to the floor and you set the toilet on it to install it. It gives the toilet less chance of leaking because of the way is installed compared to other toilets on the market. I’ll put a picture here in the article of the rough in kit.


Toto Unifit Rough In Kit










After installing this unit it was really sturdy very solid to the floor and really looked nice and the customers bathroom. It is a little expensive like I said it almost $600 but if you would like a toilet that looks good and really performs well and will last a long time trouble-free this toilet might be something you would look into. I’m going to agree with Amazon’s customers on this one and give it a four star rating based on two things. It does cost quite a bit so I will bring it down from five stars because of that but it’s above three stars because of the performance, which is spectacular. Thank you for reading this review and if this seems like a toilet you might like to look at you can follow the link that I left below by pasting into your browser and going to Amazon where you can check out this toilet and if it’s right for you definitely don’t hesitate to purchase it because it’s a quality product! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on the next review.

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