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Kohler Adair One Piece Toilet In Thunder Gray Color:  Give Your Bathroom A Bit of Color!

Kohler Adair One Piece Toilet In Thunder Gray Color: Give Your Bathroom A Bit of Color!


Recently I came across a fantastic Kohler toilet which I installed in a customers small powder room. That toilet was the Kohler Adair comfort height toilet. I decided to take a look online at it and found one in a color that is really in right now which is gray. Kohler actually calls the gray that they make thunder gray and seeing it caused me to decide to do a little review on this toilet because I really felt like it was a great value for the money. So let’s talk a little bit about the features of the cooler Adair comfort height one piece of elongated toilet in thunder gray.

Kohler makes a great toilet. I will admit to being more partial to American Standard but I would definitely not turn my nose up at a Kohler and after seeing the Adair I was really quite taken with this toilet. Here are some of the features that really caught my eye and made me think it was something that you consumers might enjoy.

Comfort height:

This refers to something fairly new in the toilet market which is making a toilet the height of your average chair instead of lower to the ground which makes getting up out of the toilet easier especially for older people or people who may have injuries. Sometimes this can even qualified toilet for American disability act status but I’m not sure if it does on this toilet, however as it is a comfort height toilet it definitely gives you more ease in getting up and down off.

Grip tight toilet seat:

Kohler has made a toilet seat that they call the grip tight which in their claim makes it less likely to become loose on top of the toilet bowl. This particular model of grip tight toilet seat also is a soft blue seat which means if you just push it it will go down by itself very slowly and not slam down so it’s great if you have kids that normally slam the seat down. This particular model also is a quick release model so that you can actually remove the toilet seat very quickly for a proper cleaning and then pop it back on just as easily. Some very nice feature and the fact that it is in the gray color that matches the toilet makes it even better benefit to have.

Aqua piston technology:

Kohler has managed to make their flush system equally distribute water around the entire bowl which causes it to flush with more power, as well as cleaning the bowl out to get rid of any waste that might be clinging to the bowl after the flush. I really like the way this toilet flushes because it flushes very quickly and yet it still thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl which can make you are less embarrassed in certain compromising situations.


Canister instead of flapper:

Kohler has developed a canister that moves up and down on their flush valve with the gasket at the bottom and 90% less of this gasket is exposed compared to a flapper so what you have is much less chance of the seal being degraded by chlorine and other chemicals in the water so it should last longer and seal better.

Water conservation:

This toilet qualifies for the EPA standard cold water sense which means that it uses 20% less water than your average 1.6 gallon toilet which has been the standard for 10 or 15 years now ever since we got rid of the 3.5 gallon flush toilet. It manages to conserve water yet from what I could tell after flushing it quite a few times and putting solid waste down it you get just as good a flush with less water.

So these are the benefits that I see from my experience installing the Kohler Adair toilet but one of the reasons that I really wanted to review this model is because of the color as I stated before. The thing that really made this stand out to me is that Kohler offers a ton of other products in this thunder gray color. They have shower bases, sinks,  whirlpool tubs , you name it they have it in this color, which if you are designing a bathroom or remodeling a bathroom gives you so many options other than just stark white. For this reason alone I thought this review was worth it because you really should go to Kohler’s website and take a look around at what they have just type in thunder gray and all the products they have will just amaze you with possibilities for designing your bathroom.

As always the last thing I do in my review is give this toilet a star rating based on my experience and in comparison to the star rating on Amazon. Based on Amazon’s review you would not think this is a great toilet because there’s only one review for this thunder gray model and its three stars, however you can tell the person that wrote the review is a complete idiot because all he said was that the toilet was just okay. They gave no explanation. If you go look at the Adair toilet in white this toilet rates over four stars. I myself am going to give this toilet five stars which I rarely do. My reasoning for this is that the toilet is very small will fit into a powder room or in a larger bathroom it looks very modern and sleek, it flushes like a champ and it comes in this incredible color thunder gray! What more do you need?

My Rating:


Go to the link below paste it in your browser and check this toilet out re-the reviews of the other colors of this toilet and if you like the style you definitely cannot go wrong ordering this toilet. I will admit the price for the gray one at $600 is a bit much but if you are redoing your bathroom which is a once every 10 to 20 year experience is that really too much to pay, I don’t think so. Thanks again for reading one of my reviews!

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