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The reviews done in this website are done by a professional, licensed plumber in the state of North Carolina. All reviews are done with the intention of giving the consumer insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each water heater that is reviewed in the hopes that it helps consumers to make wise buying decisions. Each consumer has their own specific needs and the reviews on this site cannot be taken as advice for a specific consumer. The advice is general in nature and pertains to the quality and design of the product being reviewed.

The links in the articles and pictures on this site, may lead to products listed for sale on . If you click on a link and go to Amazon and purchase any product I will receive a commission of between 4% and 8% in exchange for directing traffic to This does not increase the consumer’s price on the product, we just recieve a commission for directing the consumer to Amazon, but the price is the same whether you use our links or not.

We are not recommending that you purchase from, but are merely directing you to the site so you can read other reviews on the product and in exchange for our original content directing you there, we get a commission. You are encouraged to check your prices at your local plumbing supplier so you can ensure you are making the appropriate decision for your situation.

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