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The Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet- Style, Great Flush, Eco Friendly…It Has It All!

The Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet- Style, Great Flush, Eco Friendly…It Has It All!

So you want a luxury toilet. But what says luxury to you? In my experience as a plumber most people that want a high-end or luxury toilet are really looking for something that goes with the decor of their home. You can get a luxury toilet in a more classical style, you can get it in a very modern style with square edges, or you might want a mix of both, something with clean lines but that also has some curves. If that’s the case the Kohler Santa Rosa one piece  elongated toilet just may be the toilet for you. Let’s take at the a look at this offering by Kohler and see if it meets your standards.

The Santa Rosa is a comfort height toilet, which also qualifies it as ADA compliant. What this means is that the toilet is a little taller than the ones we are all used to. The average toilet height has always been about 15 inches off of the floor, while the Santa Rosa is 16 1/2 inches off the floor, and once a toilet seat is installed puts it at about 17 1/2 inches. This is great for people who may have had knee injuries, leg injuries or are recovering from some sort of surgery that limits their mobility.

As with most toilets in the luxury range this Kohler does not disappoint when it comes to flushing power and features.

Kohler uses their Aqua piston flushing system on this unit, which basically mimics the larger 3 inch flush valves that many other toilet manufacturers use. It enables the water to evacuate and go down the bowl very quickly. They also have a 2 1/8 inch glazed trap way that allows quite a bit of solid waste to be evacuated with just one flush. This is fairly standard when it comes to this price point for a toilet.

The toilet is also EPA Water Sense compliant as it uses a 1.28 gallons per flush to evacuate the bowl quite thoroughly. This is considered the standard that everybody tries to meet when looking for a low consumption toilet. I’m guessing but not sure that this also meets the Cal green standards in California.

As I mentioned before the Santa Rosa is a very stylish toilet. It is a one piece toilet which means that the bowl and the tank are all made of one piece of China. The tank and bowl are not held together with bolts and rubber gaskets so there is no way that you can get a leak in the places that most two-piece toilets get leaks. The tank and bowl are both very slim but when you look at them from the vertical position this toilet actually is very curvy , almost a figure eight looking down from the top. The lid that goes on the toilet tank is really quite tiny, very sleek. Another nice feature that Kohler has included with this toilet is a polished chrome toilet lever which does add a nice touch and makes his toilet look a bit more sophisticated than your average toilet.

As to the performance of the cooler Santa Rosa both I and Amazon reviewer seem to agree that this is a fantastic toilet. I have only installed two of this particular model of Kohler but I have never had any problems with either one of them and never received a call back complaining of leaks or any other poor performance issues. As I always do I like to compare my star rating with that of Amazon and in this case we’re in full agreement they are rating of the Santa Rosa toilet at 4.6 stars and I would say 4.6 stars is about the perfect rating for this toilet.

As always I will leave a link that you can paste in your browser that will take you to the Amazon page describing this toilet. And in full disclosure if you buy something on Amazon after following that link I may get a commission. This does not cost you any more money it does not add any cost to the price of the toilet it is merely a small reward that Amazon gives me for writing these articles and directing traffic to their website. I hope you enjoyed this article and have gotten some decent insight into the quality and value of this toilet and I hope you read my other articles. Until then have a great day.

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