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The Saniflo Sanicompact Macerating Toilet:  Gives You a Half Bath With No Hassles!

The Saniflo Sanicompact Macerating Toilet: Gives You a Half Bath With No Hassles!


One thing that I’ve been remiss about is my lack of toilet reviews on macerating toilets. Most of you will not know what I mean when I say macerating toilet. Don’t feel ignorant, as there are probably even some plumbers who don’t know what that means. A macerating toilet is a toilet that has a pump and an impeller inside of the toilet itself or in a separate unit that is attached to the toilet. This pump and impeller serve to turn solid waste into a slurry that can then be pumped into a sanitary waste system, either a septic tank or city sewer system. There is usually an electrical supply that powers the pump and the impeller and mixes the water with the solid waste to help liquefy the waste into a slurry. In most cases these toilets also have inlets for sinks or bathtubs so that you can design a whole bathroom group around the macerating toilet. I aim to remedy my lack of reviews on macerating toilets by reviewing a product that I have installed in the past and have been very pleased with in its design and function. That product is the Saniflo Sanicompact macerating toilet. This compact mass rating toilet is perfect for the consumer who has a very small space but once a toilet, or someone who wants to add a half bathroom to a basement but does not want to add a full plumbing system. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of the Saniflo Sanicompact system.

The Sanicompact is a self-contained unit that is used to easily install a half bathroom up to 9 feet below your sewer line or even up to 120 horizontal feet away from a soil stack. What this means is that if you have a basement where the sewer connection is above your head or if you want to install a half bathroom up to 120 feet away from where your sewer discharges towards the street you can now do this with the Sanicompact toilet without having to add a full sewer hookup. You see the Sanicompact does not use a normal 3 inch or 4 inch pipe to discharge the waste that comes out of it, but instead uses a 1 inch pressurized discharge pipe! It is also designed to receive the 1 1/4″ discharge from a normal bathroom sink thereby eliminating the need for a separate sink drain. This self-contained drainage system that resides in the Sanicompact toilet is the main feature set that allows you to add a half bathroom to almost any location in your house without installing a normal 3 inch plumbing system to receive the waste from the sink and the toilet.

The Sanicompact features a dual flush system that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush to remove solid waste and uses 1 gallon per flush to deal with liquid waste. This makes it equal inefficiency to most of the new toilets on the market that meet the EPA water sense standards, making this a very eco-friendly toilet. The Sanicompact unit this not need gravity but instead uses a macerating pump and is able to do so with the very limited amount of water that makes it so eco-friendly.

Some people may be concerned that a unit that has a motor and a pump and blades and other such instruments inside of it might be dirty or needs special cleaning to keep it looking nice. That is not the case the motor is sealed completely away and oil filled enclosure and all moving parts are kept to an absolute minimum, thereby ensuring that you are not going to need to clean anything for the unit to work properly. Now there is a liquid product that Saniflo recommends to de-scale the inside of the Saniflo unit, but you will never actually see all this scale so there is no need to worry that guests that come to your home and use this product will be subjected to an unsanitary looking facility.

Another question that some might ask is what prevents the solid waste from coming back down the vertical discharge pipe and into the toilet. That would be a very unsanitary situation to save at least. Saniflo has designed a fitting that goes on the back of the toilet that already has a backflow preventer built into it. They call this a nonreturn valve, which is built in to the discharge elbow and prevents backflow into the unit, making sure that no unsanitary conditions occur.

Another nice feature of the Sanicompact toilet is that the unit is only 14 1/2 inches wide by 21 inches deep giving it a very small footprint. When you combine this with a pedestal lavatory or walls hung sink you can put a half bathroom in a very small place and still have plenty of room to serve the purpose of the equipment.

Inside Image Of Sanicompact

I may be repeating myself but we need to talk about the benefits of this type of toilet and what it can do for the consumer. These products work really well and retrofit applications for people who have a basement or who have a spot at the far end of their house that does not have an existing sewer anywhere near the intended location of the half-bath. The only thing you really need to do to install this toilet is install a 110 V electrical outlet and run a hot and cold water feed to the lavatory and a cold water feed to the toilet and then run a 1 inch drainage discharge pipe to the existing sanitary sewer in the building. Then you simply connect the discharge pipe from your vanity or pedestal sink to the back of the Santa flow Santa compact macerating toilet. That’s it! You don’t need to run a separate air vent for the toilet and the vanity, you do not need to install a 3 inch sewer main under the floor to receive the solid waste, you don’t need to install a phalange on the floor; you really just need to mount the toilet to the floor and run your discharge pipe from the lavatory to the toilet and you are in business! For do-it-yourselfers or even if you have a contractor doing the job for you this simplifies the installation of a half bathroom and decreases your cost all at the same time.

One thing that I have failed to mention is that many times when you are doing it a remodeling your basement and want to add a bathroom you have to actually cut concrete in the basement floor to install the toilet and the plumbing system. With the Santa compact macerating toilet you do not have to do this and that is one of the main reasons that people buy this product.

As always I always give a star rating of a product when I review it so that you can know just what my true beliefs are about the product in question. I usually compare my experience with a product with the reviews on Amazon by other consumers and give a rating based on a combination of those factors. With this product it has a 4.1 star rating on Amazon with quite a few nice pictures and detailed reviews talking about the unit and most people were very impressed. I myself have installed a few different models made by Saniflo the company that makes the Sanicompact and I have been very pleased every time I have installed one of their products. I’m going to give the Sanicompact 4.6 stars because I cannot give it five stars for one reason. The motor on this particular unit seems to be of slightly less power than others that I have used. It does the job just fine but given that is for a half-bath instead of a full bathroom I think they used smaller pump and impeller than on other units. I could be wrong but that is my impression. So in the end I believe you should purchase the Saniflo Sanicompact macerating toilet with complete confidence that it will meet your needs to provide you years of trouble-free service. Thanks again for tuning in to my website and reading my reviews and we look forward to bringing you more reviews of toilets very soon.

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