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The Sink Positive Toilet Sink: The Perfect Way to Add a Sink to that Tiny House, Cabin or Workshop!

The Sink Positive Toilet Sink: The Perfect Way to Add a Sink to that Tiny House, Cabin or Workshop!


I recently came across a fascinating toilet product in a basement of a client of mine. I was in the basement looking at a water heater to see if it needed to be replaced or could be repaired and in a little room in the basement I found what can only be called a toilet sink! That’s right you read this correctly, a toilet sink. When I went upstairs I asked the customer to tell me about it had I was fascinated but I will what I learned. So I am going to do a review of this toilet sink which is made by Sink Positive in Greensboro North Carolina. So stay tuned for pictures and a description of one of the most interesting and eco-friendly solutions that I have ever seen for adding a sink to a small bathroom.


Sink Positive Toilet Sink








As you can see from the picture above the sink positive toilet sink is basically a retrofit toilet lid/ sink that uses water from your toilet to allow you to wash your hands after you have gone to the bathroom. It does so by using the water from the fill valve in the toilet tank to be used with a tiny faucet that is mounted on a plastic sink which can be retrofitted to practically any toilet on the market. There is a video on the sink positive website that will show you how to install and use the product. Let me give a brief description of how it works.


the sink positive sink is installed on your toilet but to get the water to the actual faucet is a very simple process. You simply unhook the tube that goes from the fill valve to the overflow drain on the toilet and attach it to the faucet on the toilet sink. Under the drain hole of the toilet sink there is another tube that is attached which allows water from the sink to actually drain into the toilet, thereby using the water that you have used to wash your hands to actually fill up the reservoir water in the toilet itself. What happens is that whenever you actually flush the toilet the water is diverted to the faucet where you wash your hands, and when the water goes down the drain it is actually going into the sump in the bottom of the toilet so you don’t actually see the water. The water basically runs for hand washing as long as it takes for the toilet to actually fill backup so you don’t even have to touch a faucet handle, you don’t have to touch the sink, and you certainly do not need to be worried that you’re actually using used toilet water to wash her hands. It is new water that would normally be used to fill the toilet tank and the sump of the toilet but it is coming right out of the fill valve and never actually makes contact with anything that could be considered unsanitary.

What this product allows you to do is really fantastic thing! If you have a toilet in a garage, a cabin, a workshop, or even a tiny house you can actually kill two birds with one stone by using the water that you normally use to flush the toilet to wash your hands first! This not only saves you water it would allow you to have a functioning half-bath in a place where you really don’t have enough space and it does it in a very sanitary and useful manner. Also think the conversation starter this is when you’re having people over for a party!

I always give products that I review a star rating at the end of the review, usually based on my personal experience installing a product and on the Amazon reviews. Well I did not actually install this unit but I did operate it and there are a ton of positive reviews on in fact it has a 3.9 star rating out of five. Most of the un-positive reviews are because the people had trouble fitting this to older toilets that have slightly lower tanks. I myself am going to give the sink positive a five-star rating because it is a fantastic solution for so many problems and it is done in a really affordable manner. The money savings alone should be worth the price for hundred $45 that it costs on As always I will leave a link to this product in the notes in the show you can paste that in your browser and go right to the product on Amazon. Check this thing out it’s a really fun fantastic way to save money save water and possibly give you a sink where you had none before!

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